Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is network marketing right for me?

Is everyone up to the task of owning their own business?  Should it be a franchise or should you partner with a network marketing company?  Big questions.  Let's start by sorting a few things out.

Your first steps in evaluating if a network marketing business is an option for you is to ask yourself these simple questions:
  1. Do I like helping people?
  2. Do I like working with people?
  3. Am I coachable?
  4. Am I self-disciplined?
  5. Do I have good people skills?
  6. Do I like being or do I want to be successful?

If you answered yes to all 6 questions, (yes, all of them) network marketing is a business you will want to evaluate and pursue.  

Network marketing is a people business.  An industry, a profession where helping the people (working with the people) in your organization achieve the level of success they desire is paramount in your success.  Zig Ziglar said it best:  "Help enough people get what they want and you'll get what you want." 

This requires a genuine desire to work with people.  You'll be working with people who want to make a couple hundred a month, as well as those who want to achieve financial freedom.  A common denominator in successful organizations is working in teams; learning from those who are already successful as they teach those who join you.

To do this you'll need to master a few primary business building skills.  If you're coachable it will make that learning curve much easier.  If you attempt to work independently with an "I already know how to do this." attitude - you will struggle.  

Having good people skills can make working with people a lot easier; not to mention a whole lot more fun.  Some people come by their people skills naturally, while others need to learn or refine them.  If you're coachable, if you're open to learning - this is a skill-set you can learn.

How important is being self-disciplined?  Important!  Do you do what you say you're going to do when you say you're going to do it?  Are you a person people can depend on?   People like that attribute in a business partner.  And because you'll be working for yourself but not by yourself, it takes discipline to "go to work" without a boss looking over your shoulder.

And although this is not critical, a history of being successful is also a key ingredient.  For some people it would be a burning desire to succeed.  As with anything, whether it's a diet or an exercise plan, if the desire is weak, the effort will also be weak and the results will be less than anticipated.  When the going gets tough, as we know it will, quitting becomes easier than achieving the success you're looking for. 

But, Nancy - what about time and money.   Do I need a lot of money or time?  Time is not a key factor in your success, nor is money.  You can have a boat load of money but if you don't know how to work with people or like helping people; If you're not coach-able; or if you don't manage your time productively - you'll struggle.    

Network marketing is a simple business that people tend to over complicate.   It's not easy to put your trust in others.  There will be trials and tribulations as there is with any business, with any thing significant; but the rewards are worth it.  

So how'd you do in answering the questions?  Is network marketing a business you should further evaluate or should you keep working for some else?

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